11 small kitchen color scheme ideas

Sunny and warm country kitchen, futuristic or medieval style kitchen.

The way your room looks like and the way it feels depends not only on furniture and accessories, but the most on color combinations.

We’ve picked up 10 cool color schemes for your kitchen. This color combinations are good idea for small kitchens.

Find your own favourite kitchen color shades combination, and don’t be affraid to experiment!

Small mediterranean style kitchen

Small mediterranean style kitchen

Medditeranean style is one of the most interesting, but hard to design styles. If you’re planning kitchen in this style, read the secrets of medditeranean style, to choose a kitchen you’ve dreamed of.


White and dark turquoise kitchen

Pure white kitchen can be decorated with bright one-colored tile and green plants

Beige and turquoise kitchen

Shades of beige and turquoise tile

White kitchen with orange and yellow accents

Pure white kitchen with bright yellow ang orange accents

Bright multi-colored kitchen

Patterned tile is a good idea for any kitchen, it can be of one color, or of multiple colors and patterns.

Blue and red kitchen

Aged blue paint creates a stylish look, and red accessories brings harmony and finished look

Green country kitchen

Kitchen of all shades of light-green look sunny and warm

Dark blue with light grey kitchen

Dark blue with light grey

Blue kitchen with red accents

Kitchen with blue furniture, natural brick floor and bright red dishes looks very cool

White kitchen with copper and wood accessories

White kitchen with copper , black and wood accessories

White and grey kitchen with purple accents

White and grey kitchen with purple accents

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