20 small bedroom color scheme ideas

Every interior design idea starts from color combination, but it’s not so easy to choose main color shades and accents color.

Your bedroom style and your mood depends on chosen colors, so here we have some designer’s color schemes, that will help you to choose your perfect color.

Yellow bedroom with green accesories

Sunny yellow and green plants

Muted pink and grey bedroom

Muted pink and grey

Mustard and blue bedroom color schemeMustard and blue bedroom

Mustard and blue

Dark blue and pink with yellow accents bedroom

Dark blue and pink with yellow accents

Beige and violet bedroom

Beige and violet

Warm beige and blue bedroom

Warm beige and blue

Bright lime and pink bedroom

Bright lime and pink

Blue and yellow bedroom

Blue and yellow

Grey bedroom with red accents

Grey with red accents

Blue and orange bedroom

Blue and orange

Lavender bedroom with green accents

Lavender with green accents

Dark turquoise and yellow bedroom

Dark turquoise and yellow

White and orange bedroom

White and orange

Noble brown and blue bedroom

Noble brown and blue

Pink and turquoise bedroom

Pink and turquoise

All shades of grey bedroom

All shades of grey

Dark blue bedroom

Dark blue

White and red bedroom

White and red

White bedroom with pink and lime accents

White with pink and lime accents

White and dark blue bedroom

White and dark blue

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