Small bedroom ideas

Pastel color scheme, big mirrors, vertical stripes and different light sources – all this is a good trick for a small room. But it’s not enough to make you fill comfortable and cozy. What kind of room are you decorating – it’s a very important thing, and design ideas and tips may differ according to the room type. Today we will discuss 10 small bedroom ideas from interior designers – bedroom layout, colors, light, and many other.

Bedrooms are not only used for sleep, we read there, keep our staff, grow flowers in our interior garden. Lack of space doesn’t have to limit you.

Idea №1: Bedside table = dressing table?

Having at once bedside and dressing table in a small bedroom may take a lot of space. You can save this space joining this furniture into one designer table. Such hight nightstand without bottom drawer will be useful as a small working table. And a contemporary table lamp on it will be a good light source, and a stylish decoration for any bedroom.

Small bedside table White bedside table Bedroom table

Idea №2: Neutral bedroom colors in the past

Pastel relaxing colors for bedroom is a good choice, but don’t forget about bright colors too! Bring a sunlight into your small room, paint one wall, or use wallpapers with print in shades of yellow (like lemon or banana) and good mood is guaranteed even in the dark and nasty days! If the idea of yellow walls in bedroom seems too bold for you – add to pastel colored interior some bright warm-colored accents and decorations. U can use your favoirite colors in interior design, the main idea is to use appropriate colors – in our small bedroom colors ideas you’ll find interior color combinations to your taste.

Yellow and turquoise small bedroom Yellow and white small bedroomYellow small bedroom

Idea №3: Hanging furniture

Hanging chairs, shelves, decorations make ypor bedroom more functional. If there isn’t much space for bedside table – use a small hanging table, or a wall mounted table.

Hanging table Wall mounted bedside table Small hanging chair

Idea №4: Rack of clothes and drapes

You can place rack of clothes behind the bed, it’ll save space in comparison to closets. Use drapes as room divider to hide racks – moving drapes will make your room cozy and light.

Rack of clothes Rack of clothes room divider

Idea №5: Bedroom lightning

There has to be three or more different light sources in the bedroom. Use adjustable pendant lights – in the afternoon they will add more light from above, and in the night lower this lamp, so it becomes a night light. The main chandelier with and original design will attract attention, but it hasn’t be too large.

Bedroom chandelier Pendant lights Bedroom lightning

Idea №6: Underbed drawer on wheels

Bed podium with many drawers is very functional, but the’re too massive for a small bedroom. Furthermore, it’s hard to clean floor under a podium bed, and there’ll be much dust. The simplest way to save all podium bed functionality and get rid of it’s disadvantages – is to use a bed with legs and place some drawers on wheels under it.

Underbed drawer on wheels Underbed containers open underbed drawer on wheels

Idea №7: Striped carpet

If you thinking of how to choose a carpet for your small bedroom, you should know that striped walls, vertical or horizontal stripes make a small room look bigger. This design method works not only for walls or ceilings. A modern striped carpet is a good way to make your bedroom feel bigger and a good bedroom decor idea. Here are some bedroom images with striped carpets.

Beige striped carpetBlack and white striped carpetSmall bedroom striped carpet

Idea №8: Headboard design

Headboard in a small bedroom hasn’t to be large and massive. Diy headboard are the most effective for small bedroom. Use your imagination and use wood, old doors and windows, tile, fabric, etc. It’s a good way to add color accent to your interior.

diy floral headboardPainted headboard Branch headboardCheap wood headboarddiy pallet headboarddiy tufted headboard

Idea №9: Table made from books

Bedside table made from books is stylish and convenient for a person who likes to read in bed. It’s simple, functional and mobile, and you can change it whenever you want.

Table made from books books tableBedside table made from books

Idea №10: Small corner

Any free space is a way to save some space :) Use door hook organizer for towels, clothes and accesories, put the basket on the handle of the door. Use small corner shelves for decorations, books and other small things.

corner shelvesdoor organizer

 over the door tier basket storage

To save space and to decorate your bedroom, use this small bedroom ideas, bedroom design images and your imagination.

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