Fur interior decoration – 7 original ideas

Fur traditionally is assotiated with Scandinavian, Vintage and Ethnic styles in interior design. But fur accessories can be a versatile and original decor for any room style. It never goes out of facion, fur’s feature – it’s soft and pleasure to touch, and looks stylish and rich. The best fur for interior – it’s artificial fur (it’s undemanding to care, hypoallergenic and good for people, who cares about animals).

It is able to diversify and to soften the high-gloss surfaces and modern interiors create a warm, cozy atmosphere, regardless of the season. Like any other ekomaterial, fur looks great in combine with wood and leather. Choosing fur look at its degree of durability at a special scale: the higher the score,  the more durable is this material. For example, mink fur is
valued at 70 points, and rabbit fur – in 12. Of course, more practical in
use is fake fur. Modern technologies allow to reach high quality in its manufacture. But it is not so important, what kind of fur you prefer, as long as his participation in the design was subordinated to the general idea. Here are some good solutions.


Even in the perfect order a bit of carelessness is helpful to reach contrast and stylish design. It will breathe life into the interior and give a feeling of natural comfort. Throw a fur rug on the edge of the sofa, stool, bed or chair. Align the corners and sides capes not worth it. Look at this example pictures, it look like this fur capes were thrown here occasionally, but with this small disorder starts realy interesting design:

Imagine this interior without thir white fur decor element – it’ll keep looking stylish, but much more boring and ordinary.

Keep your feet warm
Getting up from the bed or sofa and diving feet into the infinite softness of fur, you can experience the indescribable bliss. Fur carpet – a luxury accessory that can add sensory texture in a modern, minimalist interior. For flooring is more practical to use fake fur – it is less demanding to maintain.

Modern minimalistic interior comes to life due to some fur decorations – soft carper and pillowcases.

So soft!

Any kind of upholstery will not be able to compete in the softness and warmth of a fur cloth. Try on a winter version of the interior, using fur capes and upholstery. If desired, cover with fur only one piece of furniture: for example, the back or the seat of the chair. Fur coat looks good on furniture: wood cabinets, plastic shelves, metal shelves.

This work cabinet looks warm and cozy, despite of austere interior and furniture. Pay attention to another element of the decor, which gives the room comfort – warm colors of linoleum and bamboo blinds.

Warm textiles

One of the best ways to keep warm on cold nights – wrap yourself in fur blanket. During the day it can be a beautiful and rich bedroom decor. Fur pillows looks impressive too. They will diversify the smooth texture of linen or furniture. Do not leave windows without attention: dare to
daring experiment and try to decorate their fur curtains.

Hunting trophies

The fur on the wall is found not only in a hunting hut – in modern interiors are becoming more popular all the wall panels made of fur. Today it is more than the original and stylish decoration that deserves special attention and admiration. Such a wall and lures to spend on her hand, feel its pleasant, fuzzy and soft texture. Over budget, but at least the original version – fur picture. To do this, align enough fur fabric on the size of the frame and fix it on the wall.

Trifle fluffy

If you are not yet ready to let your whole interior fur fabric, try to experiment with small pieces of fur, wrapped in them, for example, a book, a mirror, a vase or planter frame. These cute, furry accessories would be difficult not to notice. But too carried away is not worth it: for the harmonious interior is only two or three fur accents.

Soft light

Soft light can be literally, if the lamp shade decorated with fur. This original, glamorous decoration suitable for table lamps, as well as the central chandelier. It should thoroughly think about and to observe all safety precautions.

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