Garden and forest themed room design

This article appeared thanks to your votes! Today we will talk about what do we miss in big cities, what helps us to create cosiness and harmony at home – about plants and ways to create fantastic interiors with them! How to use colors, patterns and materials to create garden themed bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and kids rooms. And of course there is plenty of great photos here!

Designers often get inspired by nature – color combinations, materials, lights. And regardless of what do you like more – golden autumn, snowy winter, warm spring or hot tropical summer – there is always somehing amazing in the surrounding nature, that fascinates you.
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But let’s return to our garnen theme.

To make a design for your room in such style, you’ll have to know a few basic things:


Use natural and calm colors, which you associate with nature – woody, herbal, light beige.
Garden dining roomIf you prefer more daring interior solutions – look at this bathroom. Plants look greater and brighter when the main bathroom color is black, and white is used as an accent. Black and white bathroomThis combination can often be seen in the spa salons. It is relaxing for your eyes, and sets you in the right mood for rest.

Here is an example with living room in black (dark emerald really) and white shades, it looks so cozy thanks to big variety of plants:


For bright and oriental design lovers the tropical interior style will be a great idea! But it’s the hardest design – you’ll have to combine many colors, and do it well. Begginners often overbo with bright elements, or choose their favourite colors, that looks good one at time, but not together, and they have to invent a new design from scratch. But this wouldn’t stop us :)
balcony with plants decor
Here is an article with good color palettes and another one about bedroom color combination and interior design tips. And in such interiors exotic plants looks great – for example cactus for tropical rooms and bonsai for asian style rooms.


Use natural materials – like wood and stone:
Natural stone bathroom decorated with plantsForest themed room

If this is kitchen or bathroom you can add glass ans steel accents – depending on their amount, the design can be more or less futuristic:
Futuristic kitchen design

Its really cool :)

A win-win way to make a garden style design – photo murals:
Photo wallpaper - magic forestForest wall muralsJungle bedroom design

The main thing you should know using photo wallpapers – don’t use furniture and decor with bright patterns.

Garden and forest theme in interior design is great – you can use it for any room – bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, kids room. Moreover – plants not only make your room cozy, many of the purify air and are good for health. Here are more photos with differen rooms.

Bathroom decor with plants and natural materials:

Bathroom moss wallIndian style bathroom Plants wall bathroom Wood bathroom Natural bathroom design mosaic bathroom


Photo murals misty forest fern design small bedroom plants beach wall murals winter forest photo wallpaper artificial tree in bedroom design

Living room:

Garden themed living room

Plants furniture decor

Linig room plants

Plants decoration

white sofa with fern deco

white living room


P.S. A great idea is to keep not only decorative plants on your kitchen, but also edible plants and growing condiments.
editable plants at kitchen

turquoise kitchen with plants

country kitchen

small kitchen design

hite furniture with gold-plated handles

colorful kitchen design

wooden kitchen with plants

country house kitchen

Kids room:

Baby room design

Garden themed kids room

Magic teenager room

Teenager room design

We will be happy, if you’ll  put this ideas into practice! Add comments about your successe, and be sure to send us your photos!

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