Halloween room decorations 2016

Funny and mysterious halloween decor ideas for 2016 year! 

Every holiday has it’s atmosphere and spirit. 31 october is Halloween’s day. This is a holiday of ghosts and witches, mysterious events and funny tricks. But what holiday without decorations and costumes? There are mane symbols and decorations, that’ll help you to create Halloween’s mood.

Ghosts decorations

They can be scarry, but also friendly and funny! Decorate your room with ghost toys, hang then on the ceiling, like the’re flying :)

The best and simplest idea is diy ping pong ball ghosts lights:

Simple ghost halloween decoration

  1. light garland
  2. ping pong balls
  3. gauze (or other transparent fabric)
  4. black marker
  5. glue

Spider web decorations

Are u affraid of spiders? So do i, some of this decoration are really scarry!

Giant spider on the window or door. Can be made from black paper, or a toy. Spider web is a good idea too, just don’t get too far, like this one did:

Halloween spider web decorations

This is very hard to do decoration, but if u want to scary your neighbors – choose that one :) So let’s look on somethig more fast and simple, but not less impressive!

Сhandelier web decoration. To make this web, use Webcaster or Cobwebs.

Chandelier halloween decor

And don’t forget about light! Orange, blue and green lights will make your room look very atmospheric!

There is another diy decoration idea: spider web baloons. To make this baloon you’ll need:

Spider web baloon halloween decoration

  1. Ballons
  2. Thread (white, or whatever u like)
  3. Glue
  4. Spider toys (the best option, but if u don’t have one – make them from black paper, u can also decorate baloons with bats, ghosts, witches, and other halloween symbols).

Bats decorations

Bats are symbols of vampires and night, but they also are very cute animals (imho).

Decorate your chair with themed cover. You can easilly do it yourself – all you’ll need is white cover and black cloth. Cut bats figures and sew it to your cover.

Simple porch halloween decoration, the most impressive are rubber bats/ You can use this idea not only for porch, decorate in this way you room walls or stairs!

Maybe the easiest decoration in this thread. Take a branch(you can color it, if you like), black or transparent threads, and paper bats. That’s all! Beautiful ceiling decoration is ready:

Bat halloween ceiling decoration


Simple paper decorations

Make mouse figures from black paper and place them everuwhere in your house:

Decorate walls with cats figures:

And windows with thematic figures:

Pumpkin decorations

And don’t forget about the main Halloween symbol!

You can also decorate your food, just look at this cute mandarin-pumpkins:

Mandarin pumpkins decoration

Light decorations

Light can make everything to look different. Simple room can decome a scary ghost den, just thanks to blue-colored light!

Romantic halloween dinner, of course you’ll need candles! Turn off the main light and enjoy this mysterious night:Bank halloween decorationa

You can easily do this decoration – take an empty bottle or bank, transparent purple paint and black nail polish.

Bloody candles are scary, so don’t use this decoration if you’ll spend Halloween with kids:

Bloody candles decoration

Bottles with ligth garland:

Light garland decoration

Ready Halloween decoration ideas

Now, when you know how to do some decorations, let’s inspire by this photos, where all this ideas are combined into one amazing room design!

Halloween interior decoration

Paper bats, light garland, spider web – just combine it, and you can make your room look like that.

Porch halloween decor

Decorate your porch with spider web (old gauze) and black-colored branches. I’ll add spider or bats on this “web”, and it’ll look great!

Room halloween decor

Have a great holiday!


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