How to decorate a house for almost free: 15 cool ideas

When it comes to room decoration, many of us mistakenly believe that home comfort is expensive. It’s time to dispel this myth, because you can decorate the interior and give it the missing punch can be almost free. Bright candle stands, festive garlands and colorful lights – show you how to make decorative items out of scrap and seemingly unnecessary things. Idea # 1: paint the fall of a weekend, stroll to the nearby Park and collect a herbarium of autumn leaves. Dry the leaves and, armed with a paintbrush, decorate them with bright ornaments. Now you can safely hang them on the doors and Windows of the house!No. 2: native to destais the collected leaves also can be made funny figures of animals and birds. To do this, simply glue the leaves to the colored paper with painted eyes and ears. The kids will love it!

No 3: fruit nastroennogo paint – and the old bag will be as good as new! Moreover, to draw a symmetrical pattern is easier than you think: you need only half of the fruit. Dip it in the paint and get to work.No. 4: welcome!Autumn wreath is very easy to do: simply wrap the branches of the wire frame in the shape of a circle and decorate it with acorns, ribbons, maple leaves and Rowan. Now we have to hang a wreath on the front door.No. 5: the holiday we were prihoditsea home party? Decorate the house with bright garland made from autumn leaves. To do this, simply paint them in bright colors and hang on Windows, doors or stairs.No. 6: Oscar for ideya festive decoration of the table may become an elegant vase from pumpkin. To make it not so difficult: most importantly, carefully take out the pulp and pith of the pumpkin. In the resulting hole, put flowers and unusual vase is ready!

No. 7: best surprisely a holiday without gifts? Make them really special with the original packaging. To do this, just wrap the gifts in wrapping paper or pieces of fabric and decorate them with branches of mountain ash. No. 8: from all santacrose, a gift can always make your own hands – for example, the stylish candle holder. You will need branches, a regular Cup and some glue. Carefully attach branches to the glass, put a candle inside and give the candlestick the family and friends.No. 9: all colors of Raduga gluing to the Cup holders multi-colored felted balls, you will not only make them functional but also complement the kitchen interior colorful accents. Homework evening will be even cozier!No. 10: cat domnenkova inspiration and from ordinary bottles, you can make a fun flower pot with cat ears. To do this, cut the bottom of the bottle (do not forget the ears) and paint it in any color. It is small: it remains to draw a cat muzzle.No. 11: under controlmy’s no secret that a beautiful interior starts with the order. To restore it easy enough to cut cardboard boxes and hang them with colored paper. Now all the important stuff will always be at your fingertips!No. 12: good – not so Dragone know what to fill a blank wall? Offer to do the creative and decorate it with crepe paper. To do this, cut the paper into small squares, and then use the bottle glue part of the mural directly to the wall. The interior will be more extensive and so interesting.No. 13: the eternal kerasotis corrugated paper you can also make a delicate bouquet of roses. This will handle even a child: wrap the paper on a thin wire and stick to her paper petals. Spread your buds and enjoy the beauty of a bouquet that will never wither.No. 14: take the high ground!Surprise your child and give him airplane made from clothespins and Popsicle sticks. It will take only a couple of minutes: simply attach the sticks to the clothespin and paint the plane.No. 15: in the style of Hatsunemiku glue and multicolor sequins – and ordinary glass to be exclusive. Most importantly, give the glue to dry thoroughly, otherwise shiny surface displays fingerprints.

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