20 step by step ideas of how to make a small room look bigger

Small bedroom, kitchen, and other living room can look really cool and cozy. Forget about low ceilings, cramped and confined space. Learn what decorations to use and what colors make a room look bigger. Here are 20 simple design ideas for small room layout.

Idea №1: How long should curtains be, their color, fabric and style

If you choose curtain color , the better idea is to pick curtains matching to wall color. This will visually expand a room space.

Speaking of curtain fabric – they should not be too blackout and heavy and let in lots of light. Like cotton tule and linen curtains.

Curtains length should match the room style and be comfortable for you, and it’s not difficult to measure curtains for your room. For example if there is a bed, table or commode near a window – the best choice are small curtains. For more info look at curtains sizes table: img-size-matters

Long curtains (C) are the best solution for small spaces. Extra wide curtains (D)  look cool in bedrooms, but not a good idea for kids room or home with pets. Short and standart curtains (A, B) are perfect for kitchen.

Idea №2: Ligh room! More natural light.

Don’t put anything on a window sill. Even if you whant to grow herb or vegetable garden indoors, this will darken you room. Windows have to be clean. Even the smallest room, full of light looks cozy and bigger.

Idea №3: Furniture legs

Table or sofa, bed, cabinet – all your furniture has to “fly” above the floor, not to “grow” into it.

Idea №4: Clean room

Keep your room clean. Space saving furniture offers coffe tables, sofas and other inventory with extra drawers. Always put your clothes and shoes in the closet, don’t throw it on the chair or sofa. Use a little bit of pillows and accessories for sofa – too much of them will feel like a mess.

Idea №5: Pastel room colors = good room colors

Pastel colors is the best choise for wall color, especially for small rooms. Use warm layout scheme for walls, ceiling, floor and big furniture.

Idea №6: Furniture covers

Use single style, pattern and color for covers. Don’t ignore to sew a pillowcase, curtains and tablecloth by yourself or to use custom sewing with pretty pattern, if you can’t find cover to your liking.

Idea №7: Multifunctional furniture 

Small room space may be convertible, not statical. Clever furniture design will make your small room dynamical: folding table,  wall bed, wheelchair. Even the whole room can be multifunctional and convertible.

Прием № 8: использование зеркал

Idea №8: Mirrors

To make space in a small room and to brighten it, put a mirror on a wall in front of the window. Don’t know what to do with a small bedroom? Use mirrored closet doors (sliding closet will also save some space).

Idea №9: Furniture sizes

Use balance in interior design correctly. Several big furniture items, like a big corner sofa, can take half of the room, but if the rest of furniture will be smaller, due to this contrast your room will look larger.

Прием № 10: используйте высоту потолка

Idea №10: Use ceiling height

Whery simple and functional design for small rooms is floor to ceiling bookcases and built in cupboards. They may seem too be big, but the room itself seems bigger with such furniture.

Прием № 11: увеличьте оконный проем с помощью штор

Idea №11: Window sizing

Install wide cornice as close to ceiling as it’s possible and use long or extra long curtains and drapes. They look elegant and make windows look larger.

Idea №12: Organize your shelves

Leave some free space on your shelves to create a sense of harmony in your living room. Another way of how to make a small room look bigger using shelves – it’s a right composition. Put big and heavy objects (like books) on the lower shelves, and lighter objects (like family photos, decoration accesories and candles) at eye level.

Idea №13: Don’t place furniture next to the wall

While thinking of furniture arrangement don’t be afraid of placing it accross or in the middle of your room. You’re designing a cozy and functional room, not a dancefloor.

Idea №14: Accent wall

Do you remebmer our fifth idea of how to make a small room look bigger? Using pastel colors is great, and it will be greater to make an accent on one or two walls. This will allow you to create volume, which is missing in the small room. Use different color, print wallpaper or decorative plaster.

Idea №15: Painted ceiling

One of the myths about small room design – is “always leave white ceiling”. That’s not true! Make a ceiling darker and brighter then the walls and you will be surprized how different and more spacious you room will look like.

Прием № 16: полосатый пол

Idea №16: Striped floor

Contemporary and very effective design idea. Striped floor or carpet creates a sense of infinitely long, or wide room.

Прием № 17: поставьте прозрачную мебель

Idea №17: Clear furniture

Clear chair, lucite table – just search for acrylic furniture and you will get many inspiring ideas. Any clear furniture is great for small rooms, even big object look weightless.

Idea №18: Different light sources

Picture lights, wall sconces, chandelier above the table – use many different light sources. Lighting room, interior and exterior lighting – it’s a large design area, and the main idea for small rooms is to use many light sources and to direct light upwards – this will make ceiling to look highter.

Прием № 19: лучший декор — произведения искусства

Idea №19: Small room decor

If the room is small, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate it with art objects. On the contrary, large-scale painting in the elegant frame will make the room more volume.

Idea №20: Interior door height

Tall door make ceiling look highter, and looks contemporary.

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