How to measure curtains?

How much fabric do i need for curtains, how wide ang long should they be, how to calculate curtain material? Here we have some simple tips, charts and instructions for you:

How wide should curtains be

To measure curtains, follow this steps:

Tip – measuring curtain width for window, use metal tape for better accuracy!
  1. Measure window curtain rod or cornice from left hook to right hook, or between decorative finals:
    curtains rod width
  2. When curtain width size is measured, let’s recount it, according to folds required. There are 3 ideas, how to count it:

    By requied folds size:

    • Small folds curtainsSmall folds – if you like light drape and small waves, multiple the width you’ve got by 1.5 – 2
    • Curtains with big foldsif you like bigger waves, multiple the width you’ve got by 2.5 – 3

    By curtain rod width.

    Here is a curtain width sizes calculation methods, depending on curtain rod width:curtains rod width

    • Rod width < 1.5mdon’t multiple the width you’ve got, curtains on small windows look better without folds
    • Rod width 1.5m – 2m – multiple by 1.5
    • Rod width 2m – 2.8m – multiple by 2
    • Rod width 2.8m – 3.4m – multiple by 2.5. On such large window big pleat looks contemporary and cool.
    • Rod width > 3.5m – multiple by 2.5 – 3. On such large window big pleat looks contemporary and cool.

    And there are some reccomendations, depending on curtain fabric:

    • drapery fabric

      Drapery fabrics – multiple by 1.7

    • Patterned organzavoile, patterned organza fabric – multiple by 2
    • Sheer organza fabric sheer organza fabric (no print) – multiple by 3

How long should curtains be

The main measures you have to know, choosing curtains length: height from the curtain rod to the floor, height from the curtain rod to the windowsill, height from the ceiling to the floor.
To measure curtains length, and how much fabric for curtains is needed, you have to determine their style. If you still have not yet decided on the style of curtains, and how long should your curtains be, look at our curtain size chart:

  • Short and average length curtains (A, B) are perfect for kitchen and other rooms, where you will often open windows.
    short curtains length schemeFor A curtains length have to be 1,5cm shorter then the distance between curtain hooks and windowsill, for B 15cm longer. If there is a radiator under windowsill – make curtains 3cm above it.
  • Long curtains (C) are the best solution for small spaces. It’s average curtains length (2-3 cm above the floor).
  • Extra wide curtains (D) look cool and elegant in bedrooms, but not a good idea for kids room or home with pets. For this curtains you’ll need 10 – 15cm longer fabric.

Here are some tips, how to measure curtains on different attachment types.

curtain hooksHooks or curtain tape – measure from hooks to the window sill or floor.

1_1_23664974Сurtain eyelets – add 15cm to the length you’ve calculated.

curtain loopsСurtain hinge or loops – measure from top of the rod to the window sill or floor.

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