How to use stool BEKVEM: 10 ideas

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Compact stool Bekvem — one of the best-selling IKEA. It is usually used instead of a ladder and repair the barstool
in the balcony or in the pantry. But in skilled hands the use you can  turn an ordinary stool in a cool hanger, a stand for flowers, a stylish coffee table or even a toy stove. And more!

1. For magazines and not only

Add color and tabouret will turn into original coffee table. Use old wallpaper, colored paper, paints, and if desired, add unnecessary tile to decorate stool steps.

2.In the area of access

The stool can be a great place for storage in a small kitchen. Use it to store kitchen utensils and accessories and additional headset, you no longer need.
3.Cunning disguise

Of stool you can do anything – including a multipurpose hanger. This is a good option – the stool will take much less space a the result will exceed all your expectations.4.A soft landing!

Stool easily replaced by a small chair for the kids room. It will be convenient to draw, to do lessons and crafts. And to make the child comfortable, lay on a stool a piece of sheepskin or a soft Mat.
5.Green area

To make a garden on a small balcony is easier than you think. Start from turning a stool into a stand for flower seedlings. This decision will help to save not one square meter.
6.On all occasions

Practical stool will be a great company Desk. During decoration, it will replace the chair, and even help you reach high shelves – just use it as a ladder.
7.Full order

Small bedroom is not a reason to create a mess and put things on the floor. Better put the bed stools and use them instead of bedside tables. This option is ideal for children’s room: just paint the stool in a bright fruit color.
8.For large and small

The stool can even be used in the bathroom – it can store different things, and he will be a great help for younger family members and help them to reach the sink.
9.Space saving

Lightweight stools are easy to replace chairs at a house party. And they do not occupy a lot of space, because the stools can be stored right underneath dining table.10.A childhood friend

A little imagination and the stool can be turned even in a toy stove. To do this, simply draw the burner and stick the magnets of the switches. The kids will love it!

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