New Year room decorations 2016

New Year and Christmas is coming, and it’s time to decorate your house or apartment. There are 20 simple and quick new year room decorations, that you can do in about half an hour!

Do you remember this feeling of wonders and fairy tale, that comes when Christmas night is near? When i was a child it was always a great adventure – to decorate a Christmas tree with parents, to make a pie with grandma, to open gifts and presents. When you grow up you can loose this feeling, so let’s try to bring it back!

Let’s start with room decorations, they can create a holiday feeling at home. And also while doing this decorations by yourself or with family, you will feel this special New Year atmosphere and, i hope, it will bring you happiness. All this decorations are very easy and inexpensive to make, our step-by-step guides will help you!

Thread star decorations

Time: 20 min
To craft this stars you’ll need:

  1. Pva glue
  2. Water
  3. Color threads
  4. Nails
  5. Wooden plaque or old Thick notebook (for nails)
  6. A bowl or dish (to mix pva glue, water and thread)

hammer nails in tablet in form of starPrepare a wooden plaque with nails, hammered in form of star (or circle). You will need it to wrap threads around nails – you can experiment with different forms and shapes!

pva glueadd watermix pva and water

Put pva glue into a bowl, add water and mix it.

add threadwind thread on nailswind thread on nails

Add thread to pva and water mix, make them soak glue and start winding thread on nails.

extra threadscut extra threadslet dry

Cut extra threads and let it dry – your Star decoration is ready! Don’t be affraid to wxperiment with forms and colors, you can craft a multi-colored star, or a Christmas tree!

Wreath of Christmas balls

DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath decorationTime: 25 min

To Make a Christmas Ornament Wreath With a Wire Hanger you will need:

  1. Wire coat hanger or a wire
  2. Glue
  3. Christmas balls
  4. Decorations (like garland, bell, cones, fir branches etc)

Christmas Ornament Wreath step by step

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Take wire and bend it into a circle.
  2. Dub some glue under the ball caps to secure them – it’s an important part, don’t miss it!
  3. Then take you christmas balls and string them one by one. Use different sizes and colors to make this decoration look more interesting.
  4. After stringing all balls, add your Christmas foilage. Secure it to the hanger with wire or glue – if you decide to add massive foilage, don’t fill that part of your hanger with balls.
  5. Hang this wreath on the door/window/wall and admire!

Here are some inspiring photos of Christmas balls wreaths:

Christmas wreath decoration4da39b3778944434a293ced955419228

Tablecloth from paper snowflakes


Time: 15 min

Easy but beautiful table decoration – all you’ll need is:

  1. Paper
  2. Glue or scotch tape
  3. Scissors

Make some paper snowflakes – it’s easy and fast, you can do this decorations with your children. Lay them out on the table and paste together with glue or tape.

Small winter caps decoration

Winter caps decoration

Time: 20 min

This caps are pretty and fun to make! For them you’ll need:

  1. Toilet roll tube (or carton and glue)
  2. Threads
  3. Scissors


Cut the roll to 1-2cm wide strips. Take your threads – you can craft one-colored cap, or use 2, 3 or many more colors and cut them to 20cm segments.

To wrap threads around your carton base use this scheme:

scheme winter cap decoration

Tighten all threads, fasten them on the top, and cut extra threads to make a pompon!

DIY New Year candlestick

DIY Christmas bottle decoration

Time: 10 min

To make this candlestick from a bank you’ll need:

  1. Bank
  2. Paper or carton
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Wadding or garland or snow spray (optional)

Take a heave paper or carton of any color, measure it to wrap the bank and 1-2 cm  more (to glue it). Cut a cityscape or wood from paper, wrap the bank and glue the tips of paper. You can also use wadding or garland to make a “snow” on the bottom of your bank.

Christmas balls with photos

Christmas ball with photo

Time: 10 min

This New Year decoration can also become a great present! For this idea you’ll need:

  1. Photo
  2. Toothpick or Tweezers
  3. Scissors
  4. Transparent Christmas ball

Take a small photo, it’s size has to match the ball size, or u can cut it circular. Roll tube and put it into ball, then use a toothpick or tweezers to straighten it. You can also place garland and tinsel inside the ball.

New Year lamp

New Year Vase decoration

Time: 5 min

This is the fastest way to decorate vases, banks and bottles! Take:

  1. Сones or Fir branches or Christmas decorations (all depends on your imagination)
  2. Place it into glass vase
  3. Wrap it with light garland


Ember and cones decoration

Time: 5 min

Light garland, hidden in cones and fir branches looks like embers in fireplace.

  1. Cones, fir branches
  2. Light garland
  3. Wicker basket or bucket

Take a wicker basket or a bucket (it look better when the light comes throught the small holes). Place cones, light garland and branches there, here is the result:

Light garland decoration

Floating candles

Floating candles decor

Time: 5 min

Floating candles looks great in every case, you can use them in bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. There are a few things needed:

  1. Candle
  2. Any glassware like bank, glass or vase
  3. Decorations – there is a space for imagination. For example you can use orange/lime and lemon slices, branches, berries, spice like cinnamon and carnation, flowers, beads etc.

Put your decorations in the glass and fill it with water. Then put there a candle, you can get such candlesticks:

Floating candles decor idea

Snowman door decoration

Snowman door decoration

Time: 10 min

Another great idea to make with children.

  1. Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Scotch tape

Сut out black paper circles – for snowman eyes, mouth and buttons. One triangle from yellow or orange paper for  nose (carrot) and make a scarf and a winter cap from multi-colored paper.

Snowflakes window decoration

Glue snowflakes window decoration

Time: 20 min

An interesting glue craft. You’ll need:

  1. Glue only :)

Glue snowflakes

Make snowflakes with glue or glue gun, let them dry and put them on the window – they will hold on it easily! If you’ve already read about our frozen bedroom ideas, this glue snowflakes are also great for window decor in Frozen style.

Small Christmas tree table decoration

Christmas tree food and candies decoration

Time: 10 min

This is a simple decoration for Christmas table. On the photo there are some candies decorated with small Christmas trees. All you need for this is:

  1. Colored paper
  2. Toothpicks
  3. Glue

Cut out paper triangles, or make more detailed fir-trees. Stick them with glue to toothpicks and decarate your Christmas dishes!

Garland with photos and pictures

Garland with photos

Time: 25 min

If tou have some extra fairy lights and not sure where to pop them – here is a fantastic idea of a fairy light wall.

  1. Light garland
  2. Photos, postcards, drawings
  3. A handful of small picture hooks
  4. Some small pegs

First, choose a wall in your bedroom or other room that you reckon would look great adorned with this decoration. And make sure you have a plug socket near this wall!

Take your small nails and tap them lightly into the wall. In this picture are used 6 nail – 2 on top, 2 in the middle and 2 at the bottom of the wall. Tip! Make sure your fairy lights have anought lenght, on the photo is used 8 metre light garland.

After you’re pleased with the arrangement of your lights, take your photos or drawings and hang them with small pegs. You can decarate this pegs too! For example with paper bow.

Paper stars

Stars origami

Time: 10 min

This paper origami stars can be hanged to your Christmas tree, make a garland of them, decarate cabinet handles etc.

  1. Colored paper
  2. Scissors

origami paper star tutorial

Spoon Christmas decoration

Spoon painting

Time: 30 min

Ordinary metal or wood spoon can be turned into New Year decorations.

  1. Spoon
  2. Acrylic paints

A wooden spoon looks great as a kithen decoration:

wooden spoon painting

DIY sock snowman

Sock snowman

Time: 30 min

This pretty toys canbe done easily from old white socks. Materials needed:

  1. Rice
  2. Sock
  3. Scissors
  4. Needle, thread
  5. Bisser and buttons
  6. Colored piece of cloth

sock snowman

Cut off the sock toe and on the other side tie it with thread. Fill it up the middle with rice, give it the round shape and tie again, add more rice to make snowman’s head and tien on the top. Sew bisser eyes and nose and make a scarf from scraps, swe buttons. A cut-off sock part will be a great hat.

3D snowflakes

3D paper snowflakes

Time: 15 min

Ordinary paper snowflakes are easier to make, but this looks much interesting.

  1. Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Stapler


Step-by step instruction:

  1.  Cut your paper in half lengthwise, then fold into an accordion.
  2. Cut off one pleat to use as a template.
  3. Squash the rest of the accordion together and staple in the center.
  4. Draw your snowflake pattern on the template you created, and cut it out.
  5. Trace the design on the stapled paper and slowly cut out your design.
  6. Once you have the design cut out, carefully separate the pleats of the medallion, and tape the separate ends together.

DIY bulb Christmas decorations

Bulb Christmas decoration

Time: 25 min

Never throw away old loght bulbs! For example here is some great DIY bulb decoration idea. You can make Santas, penguins, snowmen for your Christmas tree.

  1. Light bulb
  2. Acrylic paint (or an old nail polish)
  3. Glue
  4. Glitter (optional)
  5. Also you can use tibbons, tinser, buttons – all depens on your idea and imaginaation.

If your children like Frozen – here are some really gorgeous Olaf bulb ideas:

Olaf bulb ideaOlaf bulbOlaf with hat bulb

Bank with holiday

Bank with New Year

Time: 15 min

  1. Glass bank
  2. Toys
  3. Wadding

Christmas balls with memories

Christmas balls decoration

Time: 10 min

  1. Glass Christmas tree balls
  2. Imagination

This can be a great present – put there some important for you and your friend things, like sand and seashells from vacation.

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