DIY light bulb flower vase. Step by step fast guide

In our previous article about flower room decorations we’ve mentioned a bulb flower vase as a good and free idea to make a beautiful and unique flower vase. Here we’ll do it together step by step. It’s really fun and easy! Each step is accompanied with photo instruction, so let’s begin. Continue reading “DIY light bulb flower vase. Step by step fast guide”

Simple small room flower decoration ideas

Spring has come, it’s time to decorate your room and make it look like a sunny garden! Thinking of flower room decorations, you may imagine multiply flower vases, but it’ll be too simple :). Let’s turn on our imagination and go on!

P.S. This ideas will also work fine for those, who have allergies to flowers – diy from paper, or use artificial flowers, it’ll look great! 

Frozen inspired bedroom ideas

0fd3472d1478a60703633f8ef9bc9942Hi! Today we’ve decided to start a blog series devoted to thematic rooms. Rooms inspired by movies, books, games – we will try to highlight everything, and you can choose the subject of our next review! The most popular topic will be in the next review.

We begin our review serie with the popular Disney  cartoon – Frozen. Continue reading “Frozen inspired bedroom ideas”