Simple small room flower decoration ideas

Spring has come, it’s time to decorate your room and make it look like a sunny garden! Thinking of flower room decorations, you may imagine multiply flower vases, but it’ll be too simple :). Let’s turn on our imagination and go on!

P.S. This ideas will also work fine for those, who have allergies to flowers – diy from paper, or use artificial flowers, it’ll look great! 

Your small room can become a real fairy-tale garden. And there is no need to buy expensive decor elements – the most of them you can do it yourself.

IDEA №1 – vintage effect

Give your old vases, pots, watering cans a second chanse. They can be turned into a vintage room vases, all you need is copper paint!

Copper water can

Old water can and copper paint, you can also draw a simple pattern on it

Old vase decor

Small copper vase with bright garden flowers

Cement painted flower pot

Cement paint

Look at this flower garden and room decorations at this photos:

flower decor

hang white watering can with bright flower on the fence

Watering can can be painted in any desired color – not only copper, or “antique”. White or bright color will also be a great decoration – just put contrast flowers in can and find a place for it. Such “vase” can be placed not only on the floor or table – hang it on the house wall or on the fence.

watering can flower vase
Another idea is to paint flowers, pattern or any desired picture on the can. It also can be an old newspaper used as a print. All this you can diy. Step-be-step guide about using it for decoration we will write in our next article.

small water can as flower vase

And here is a small example with artificial flowers – it looks great too!

IDEA №2 chair flower decor

U can not only put flowers in a vase, they can be a great decoration for any furniture, for example – for chairs. Such decoration is simple, beautiful and often used at weddings. But if you want to give a room or veranda a spring mood – add floral wreaths on the back of your chairs, try to combine flowers with a tissue and / or rope – it all depends on your preferred style.

chair flower decorThis flower decorations are simple, and look very impressive.

IDEA №3 flowers floating in water

Having a picnic in the garden? Use a water backet! It can be old metal backet or your children plastic backet – full it with water, add flowers and candles and romantic mood is garanteed. Inside your house you can use a simple soup bowl!

Did you know thar flowers and candles floating in water are used for relaxation too? You can see this decor solution in many spa and thai massage centers.

Ceramic bowl with flowers Flower floating in ceramic plate Floating flowers and candles decoration

IDEA №4 Citrus vase decor

To make your vase original and beautiful decorate it with lemon, lime, orange ang other fruits. Get inspired by this decor ideas:

Use a pineapple instead of flower vase

Use a pineapple instead of flower vase

Decorate glass vases with limes and linen rope

Decorate glass vases with limes and linen rope

Orange slices looks great and refreshing with flowers

Orange slices looks great and refreshing with flowers


IDEA №5 old lantern

Add the retro style to yoour small room. An old lantern is a good cover for simple glass vase.

IDEA №6 plants decorations for walls

Even the smallest room can look like a garden. Put multiple pots on the wall, or use wall hooks for climbing plants. You have to be patient and take care of your plants and flowers.

IDEA № 7 balcony flower decoration

If your balcony is too small, or all the walls are occupied – use a balcony grill. You can easily put a flower pot on it.

IDEA №8 door flower decor

Wellcome! Decorate your front door with flower wreath. It’s easy – take a circle wire frame, wrap it with branches and decorate with flowers, ribbons, berries, whatever you like!

s-l300 2 1

IDEA №9  chandelier decor

You can decor everithing with flowers, for example chandelier or table lamp. Attach flowers with rope or scotch tape, or use a wire frame.

inspiracoes15 87f039722a


IDEA №10 small details

Non-standart use of ordinary things – a right way to make your small room look stylish. Try to use a simple coffee cup as a flower pot – it’s a perfect “home” for small plants and flowers.

Flower vase from tea cup

IDEA №11 bulb flower vase

If you like to do things yourself – you can do a flower vase from almost everithing, including the burned-out bulbs. Decorate bulb with paint or nail polish – and instead of throw it in the trash, you’ll get a unusual interior decoration. Here is a step by step diy bulb vase creation giude.

IDEA №12 seaside style vase decoration

You have an old glass vase ar cup, it’s cracked? Don’t hurry up to throw it to trash – make a seaside decoration element. Use thick linen rope. It’ll make a vase soft, cool looking and resistant to falls.

IDEA №13 bottle vase

Make a vase from glass bottle. Decorate it with painted patterns (school stencils will help you), gradient and bright colors.

IDEA №14 map print decor

Use self-adhesive wallpaper, foil, color and wrapping paper to decorate bottles. Geographical map looks great on wine bottles.

IDEA 15 perfume

Bottle of expensive perfume will look no worse than a glass vase.

IDEA 16 flower aroma

Don’t forget about aroma – it decorates your room too! For example lavender will be a great decoration of candles, and it’ll replece the artificial air fresheners.

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