Small room solutions. Furniture ideas.


It’s hard to find the right things in your room, and even more difficult to find a place for them? Proper organization of space and the choice of furniture will make your room functional and stylish. We chose 22 ideas of furniture design for a small room.

Fold Down table

Fold down table saves a lot of space! Open it only when you need it – use it like a workspace, or a dinner table. You can diy or decorate and paint it!

Footwear storage


You’ll save not only space in your room. It’ll be easier to find the shoes you need. This organizer also preventing creases and extending your shoes life.





Convertible Futon Chair/Bed Mattress

Very comfortable chair/bed mattress for those, who likes minimalism. Choose the color you like and enjoy the rest.

Magnetic Ironing Mat

No more big ironing boards, that occupy a lot of space. Just roll this mat and put it into your cupboard, or under your bed – it is small and compact.


Folding chairs and table

Coffee table and 4 chairs fold into obelisk.




Pet Feeder Station with Food Storage Area


You can storage your pet food and toys in one compact chest.






One knife?

Set of four knifes in one. Look great and saves space.


Over-the-Sink Cutting Board



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