Small master bedroom ideas

People spent in average 24 year of their lifes sleeping. And to feel good and to get anough sleep, the master bedroom should be the most cozy and comfortable place in home. Planning your bedroom every detail – furniture location, wallpaper color, decorations, fabrics and patterns matters. Specially if your master bedroom is very small! There is a huge amount of tips and ideas of how to make your bedroom look bigger, how to save space and storage things. I’ll try to tell you all the basic ideas about planning small bedrooms and show you some errors in planing, and how to fix them and turn into advantages.

So, the foundation of any room layout is furniture arrangement – the arrangement of carpets and decorations can turn a small bedroom into a cozy favourite nest, or cluttered with unnecessary things room where you will be scared to go. I have faced with poor layout of bedrooms – when things are nowhere to hang, and they occupy all available space – from the back of the chair, to the floor.
cluttered room
It looks… not very good, isn’t it? The Japanese say – “The order in things – is the order in thoughts.” And they are right – in a cluttered room you’ll constantly lose things, time and nerves spent on trying to find them. There is no place to something new, like flowers or decorations. All thoughts are occupied only with how to get rid of this junk. We’ll not allow this happen, let’s plan how to storage things in master bedroom. In the small room there is plenty of space for all the things – clothes, decorations, flowers, bed linen. The easiest way is to look at the same Japanese – you will never find in their home extra stuff. Just because it is not convenient – one slight earthquake, and all the decorations and vases immediately fly to the floor. Here is a great example of Japanese Bedroom:
Japanese bedroom
There’s no bed or extra-stuff here. They sleep on the ground, but if all your life you were sleeping on the bed – it’s not a best idea. Your spine will not forgive you such a relation to itself, so let’s get to the more familiar European Plan bedrooms.

Small master bedroom layout

bedroom layout scheme sketch
First – it is not necessary to be a professional interior planner, or have knowledge of some specialized programs. Draw a plan of the future master bedroom with a pencil on a piece of paper, it may even be perfectly correct – just try to imagine what you want to storage in your small room.
After that, you can make your scheme closer to the real plan – add som real sizes to it. Even if you want a king-size bed, remember of you room size – such bed can occupie the entire room.

Well, sometimes it's not a bed idea after all :)

Well, sometimes it’s not a bad idea after all :)

That’s why the first step is to choose bed size. Bed is the main element of every bedroom, and if you’re not lazy (like me) you can use the sofa bed – you’ll have to fold and unfold it, but while folded it’ll save a lot of space.
sofa bed
The fold bed is good idea too:
Fold down bed
It’s great solution for small master bedrooms – does not require much time for the folding and unfolding, and leaves almost all of the room free.
And do not forget to experiment with the bedroom layout, arrange the furniture in different ways and choose the best option – to arrange furniture on paper is much easier than to rearrange it for real!
room sketch layout variants

Small advice. If you are not afraid of new computer programs – there are many free programs for the layout of rooms and furniture. And by the way, one of the simplest, of which many have heard, and “worked” with it – the game The Sims :) Do not hurry to critically refers to this – to arrange furniture, choose colors and shades – you can do it there. The main thing is to correlate real bedroom sizes with those in the game.

Possible errors when planning the bedroom

If you’ve gone so far, and seriously decided to do the repair and design yourself – we recommend you to read all the tips with space saving ideas for small bedrooms.  After reading this article, view the compiled plan bedroom again – maybe you will replace some of the furniture ideas for something more compact, and thus much more roomy. Or replace the bulky cabinet, which occupies half of the rooms with the wall shelves and hangers. In addition to these tips I give you a couple of simple examples, which at first glance may not seem obvious, but significantly expand a small master bedroom.

  1. Bedroom carpet layout sheme:

    Green: correct layout Red: incorrect!

    Green: correct layout

    Red: incorrect!

  2. Bedroom curtains tipThis little curtains hack will make your room look lighter and bigger.
  3. Save-spacing chest of drawersUse save-spacing storage. This cabinet can store linens.Door space-saving shelves
  4. Items can be stored not only in cabinets and drawers – use the door or the wall! If the walls are not as thick as in the picture, you can attach to the door a few hooks and shelves for small things, or take advantage of special door hook organizer.

Master bedroom color ideas

The biggest mistake when choosing colors bedroom – use only light colors. A lot of which states that the light color visually expands the space, and it’s true! But do not get too carried away – if the bedroom is all white – the floor, ceiling, walls, furniture – it will be like a hospital ward. White color can be a key, but do not forget to place brightly colored accents. Here we have small bedroom color shemes, where you can find almost any color – from the quietest to the bright and cheerful. Here, by the way, examples of errors in selecting bedroom colors:

White bedroom color warning

This bedroom is made in the light beige and white, despite the apparent “calm” these colors, the eyes tire quickly, but instead get a feeling of comfort “sterility” of the room. this version is suitable even for hotels and hotel – but for the home bedroom – no. Compare with the white bedroom with blue accents:
White and blue bedroom
It looks much more stylish and cozy, and creates the right mood (if you like the theme of the sea).
The second example – too much color, the color should focus on details rather than dazzled, like this:
Too bright multi-colored bedroom
Room with a properly-set color accents:
Beige, orange and blue interior
Third – the color of the floor. A common mistake – the choice of furniture, wall and ceiling color, and then the floor. The color should be in harmony with the interior. Look at the bright colors and suddenly pale beige wood floor, which is distracting from the overall style – it is a bad example of reasonableness of the overall design of the interior bedrooms:
choosing a floor error
Floor picked up in the general style of the interior:
Blue and yellow small bedroom

Finally – the wrong combination of colors:

Wrong bedroom colorsDo not try to use in the design of the bedroom all your favorite colors. Unless it does not provide design – then the main color of the bedroom should be quiet and monotonous, and decorations such as cushion covers for pillows can be of all colors – especially great this solution looks at the use of ethnic patterns:

Multi colored small bedroom

By the way, in the next article we will talk about the different patterns in the interior design! If you are interested in has any design theme – vote for her, and a button to vote to the right (on a mobile device – under article)!

So, with the color, furnishings and layout were defined. Now it remains the most important thing – accents and embellishments. The room can be perfectly planned, but the absence of the decorations make it “faceless” as a hotel room. That little decoration and the master bedroom give it a unique and inimitable style and comfort.

Master bedroom decorating ideas

We have already talked about the decoration of fur, but not everyone likes to use a fly in the interior, even artificial. So now we will look at a few more options for decorating a small bedroom.

Never too much pillows

Decorate your bed a couple or even a dozen multi-colored cushions in different sizes – and sleep comfortably, and lie on the cushions with a book.
Multi colored pillows on the bed

Decorative curtains rod

Even such a trifle as curtains rod can be a great decoration of the interior, or vice versa – to spoil him. Choose curtains rod right color and style for your bedroom:
Curtains rod decorative

Bed headboard

On the internet you can find many decorative bed headboards, both homemade and purchased. Because the bed – it is the main element of master bedroom – bed headboard choose carefully and thoughtfully. In the overall design affects everything – color, shape, material. For small bedrooms do not advise to choose massive and large bed headboards.
Wood bed headboard
Bed headboard ideas
And the main thing – do not forget about the little things. All of them reflect your personality – your favorite pictures, photos, pendants, flowers – all this makes your bedroom a cozy and unique.

If you are interested in any theme or decor interior design, but you can not find it on our website – write in the comments, we will think of something :)!

Have a Good night!

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