Small room design in purple colors

The basis of this light and airy interior – purple, named color of the year. A delicate shade is complemented by pastel tones, harmoniously blends with the natural light wood and is balanced with rich grey. This color scheme looks very fresh and can be a great alternative to the boring decor in shades of white and beige.
Despite the neutrality of the chosen colors, the interior is a voluminous and interesting. What is the secret? First, it’s the combination of many tones. Second, textures: wood, wicker baskets and wall decor, the ceiling over a dining group, the concrete base of a lamp in a recreation area, a variety of textiles.
Another highlight, giving the atmosphere of exquisite charm, a stunning mosaic floor with an unobtrusive pattern. It adds retro mood and echoes with a rubbed cabinet and mirror in the dining room and the bedroom. The furniture in the apartment uncluttered, close to the Scandinavian style, mostly made of natural materials.

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