Garden and forest themed room design

This article appeared thanks to your votes! Today we will talk about what do we miss in big cities, what helps us to create cosiness and harmony at home – about plants and ways to create fantastic interiors with them! How to use colors, patterns and materials to create garden themed bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and kids rooms. And of course there is plenty of great photos here!

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Frozen inspired bedroom ideas

0fd3472d1478a60703633f8ef9bc9942Hi! Today we’ve decided to start a blog series devoted to thematic rooms. Rooms inspired by movies, books, games – we will try to highlight everything, and you can choose the subject of our next review! The most popular topic will be in the next review.

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Small bedroom ideas

Pastel color scheme, big mirrors, vertical stripes and different light sources – all this is a good trick for a small room. But it’s not enough to make you fill comfortable and cozy. What kind of room are you decorating – it’s a very important thing, and design ideas and tips may differ according to the room type. Today we will discuss 10 small bedroom ideas from interior designers – bedroom layout, colors, light, and many other. Continue reading “Small bedroom ideas”

20 step by step ideas of how to make a small room look bigger

Small bedroom, kitchen, and other living room can look really cool and cozy. Forget about low ceilings, cramped and confined space. Learn what decorations to use and what colors make a room look bigger. Here are 20 simple design ideas for small room layout.
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